Wu Tai Chi - Yang Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of movement for health and self defense, dating back to approx. 1200 A.D. and based on writings from the I Ching. This exercise is suitable for everyone, both young and old. Tai Chi helps make the body strong and promotes total relaxation which allows the free circulation of blood to all parts of the body. It helps make the internal organs strong and the mind clear, all of this contributing to good health.

Though not easily apparent from watching the slow form, Tai Chi is also a martial art. Proficiency in the martial aspects of Tai Chi, as in all styles of Kung Fu requires practice and time. Although the movements of Tai Chi can be acquired in a matter of months, mastery of this ancient system of martial arts will require dedication and determination. Considered one of the most sophisticated systems of martial art, Tai Chi has been referred to as the Treasure of Chinese Kung Fu.

We offer the most extensive Tai Chi program in the area.
We teach the complete Wu Style System of Tai Chi Chuan.
We have the Yang Style, it is a short form of 24 movements of Tai Chi.

It consists of 10 separate areas of training.
(1) Breathing (Chi Kung)
(2) Slow form
(3) Fast form
(4) Sword form
(5) Saber From
(6) 2-man fighting form
(7) Stationary push hands
(8) Running push hands
(9) Self-defense push hands
(10) Internal power training
(11) The way of the Ocean Wave
(12) Chin Na
(13) Shaking Power

Iím am a recent student to Tai Chi with Sifu Don Walth. I am 57 years old with primary progress MS. Walking, balance, fatigue and memory issues are becoming more and more of a challenge in my life. I have found out that Tai Chi with its breathing and movements, is a great benefit to me. My balance is improving, my enegy level is better and I feel clearer in my mind after just a few weeks. Sifu Walth modifies the Tai Chi movements so that I can perform them, and makes me feel like I am the only one in class even though I am in a group.
The students that are there with me all work together to help each other learn moves and encourage each other. My goal is to keep moving as long as I can and Tai Chi is a new way to work out and try to improve. I would recommend these classes to people of all levels of ability. Sifu Walth gives me postive input and motivation. - Mike Antenucci