Welcome to the homepage of Eagle Claw Kung Fu Des Moines!
Eagle Claw Kung Fu Des Moines provides a safe and effective environment devoted to personalized training and individual goals. Our step by step approach to teaching is suitable for all ages. Our goal is to use martial arts to improve your health, fitness, self defense and confidence in ways that will impact your whole life. We have been serving the community since 1991. Browse our Kung Fu and Tai Chi sections to discover how you can benefit from Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

The Des Moines Eagle Claw Kung Fu (over 76 forms) is the most comprehensive system of authentic Kung Fu coming from China. It came through the Shaolin Temple and was in the famous Chin Woo Association at its inception and is part of it today. Wu Tai chi founders met the Eagle Claw at the Chin Woo Association and it has become part of the modern system today as you can learn both styles. (Wu and Yang styles are taught here). This is a private school and prices vary depending what you want and how many hours you want to train in a month. You are taught one on one in private as well one on one in a class atmosphere. Phone: 515-556-5129 or email sifuwalth@dmeaglecaw.com. We have been in business since 1991.